$1918.77/month No Lock Up of Investment | FLUX | PASSIVE INCOME STRATEGY — Masternoding #1

What are Nodes?

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems.

Introduction to Flux

Flux is a fair-mined, proof-of-work cryptocurrency, launched in 31st Jan 2018, that acts as a utility asset for onboarding to the Ecosystem and powering the transaction of information across the Ecosystem. The asset also acts as the main incentivization for operating a FluxNode: Enterprise-grade server hardware powering the system.


Price of $Flux

CoinMarketCap 3 Mar 2022

Flux Node Structure

There are three tiers of FluxNodes with different levels of required collateral and hardware specifications as observed below:

After the collateral halving in 2022, the requirements will be lowered to:

And they plan to introduce two low collateral nodes:

Current Reward Statistics

  • Cumulus earns approx $200.50/month
  • Nimbus earns approx $492.84/month (with additional Kadena Rewards)
  • Stratus earns approx $1918.77/month (with additional Kadena Rewards)

FluxNode Setup

There’s no use for me to do a copy and paste summary of other’s work especially when they’ve already done such a good job teaching newcomers how to get started.


The Flux Team is fully doxxed with their public identities that you may check out here on their site.



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