EARN $188/DAY | “Nodes” Investment Model #9

What are Nodes?

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems.

Introducing the Pentagon Finance

Price of $PENT

Node Tiers

Lesser (White)

  • Costs 1 $PENT
  • Earns 0.0125$PENT/Day ($1.19 Daily)
  • 80 Day ROI at 1.25%/Day

Common (Purple)

  • Costs 5 $PENT
  • Earns 0.0718/Day ($6.82 Daily)
  • 70 Day ROI at 1.436%/Day

Legendary (Yellow)

  • Costs 10 $PENT
  • Earns 0.1651/Day ($15.70 Daily)
  • 61 Day ROI at 1.651%/Day


  • Cannot be bought by $PENT
  • Obtained by fusing 10 Legendary Nodes together (100 $PENT)
  • Can only have one per wallet.
  • Earns 1.9812 $PENT/Day ($188.39 Daily)
  • 51 Day ROI at 1.9812%/Day

Node Fusion Feature

  • 5 Lesser Nodes can be fused into 1 Common Node
  • 2 Common Nodes can be fused into 1 Legendary Node
  • 10 Legendary Node can be fused into 1 Omega Node

Staking $PENT

Staking is a function in the Pentagon Finance protocol that allows you to lock-up your tokens for a certain period of time in return for rewards in the native token.
Similar to the creation of a node, you pick a tier but instead of permanently locking up your tokens you stake them for a certain time, earning the same rewards as you would with the tier you chose.
When the staking period is over, your node disappears and you will receive your staked tokens plus any accumulated rewards.


Contract Addresses

  • $PENT Contract : 0x283366bb42ef49a994913BAF22263c6562e588a4
  • LP : 0x2e72762519aa584242a3de619d487ac8a354f8b9
  • Treasury : 0x064a4fB29a53b8B0ffEC43C1dFD38F18B29a286a
  • Vault : 0xE339CF3C5034bc4A07A70467460295c3a0638aAA
  • Team : 0xbBc7d865AcC07f8ab3eb6Bb304e3d79bCc3C4FB9
  • Reward pool : 0x8be65a4a56E1bE98FDa1024636e6Bc5FEEe4842B



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