Up to 8% Daily Return | Ruby Mine | Baked Beans Fork on AVAX | High Risk High Reward Protocol #7

What is Ruby Mine?

The Ruby Mine smart contract is basically a locked staking rewards pool, the funds deposited are converted into and represented as ‘Rubies’ on the dApp. The project will pay you up to 8% of your invested daily.

  • “Collect” — claim your rewards daily
  • “Re-Hire” — compound your investment.

Taxes & Fees

There’s a 8% fee on your initial investment & a 8% fee on your withdrawal.

The Math

Let’s assume a 10 AVAX initial investment, and we follow the strategy as recommended in the whitepaper. I’ll calculate everything in AVAX to reduce the complication with how the Rubies show in the dApp.

Google Sheets Calculator

Once again, Thank you for reading so far! :)

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