Up to 8% Daily Returns | Space Race | 2920% APR | Baked Beans Fork on BSC | High Risk High Reward Protocol #14

What is Space Race?

The Space Race smart contract is basically a locked staking rewards pool, the funds deposited are converted into and represented as ‘Speed’ on the dApp. The project will pay you up to 8% of your invested daily.

  • “Abort” — Claim your 8% Rewards
  • “HydroBoost” — Compound your 8% Reward
  • “Overdrive” — 70% Chance to Compound 2x, 30% chance to lose it
  • “Emergency Landing” — 50% chance to Withdraw 2x of Rewards, 50% chance to lose it.

Taxes & Fees

There’s a 5% tax on deposits & sells, 3% of which will be used for development & 2% on marketing.

Google Sheets Calculator

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