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4 min readApr 23, 2022

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Space Race — A New Baked Beans Miner Fork that launched within the hour from the time of publishing, and as you all know for every investment, the earlier you get in, the more you stand to gain. They have an interesting double or nothing coinflip feature allowing you a chance to double on your reinvest or withdrawals.

They have an anti-whale option that only allows you to deposit 0.5 BNB in the first 15 mins, and 1 BNB subsequently after, which I think is healthy for longer term sustainability for protocols like this.

They are also audited by Coinscope. As you may know, I only write about projects that have at least gotten a third-party audit.

What is Space Race?

The Space Race smart contract is basically a locked staking rewards pool, the funds deposited are converted into and represented as ‘Speed’ on the dApp. The project will pay you up to 8% of your invested daily.

Your choice whether to:

  • “Abort” — Claim your 8% Rewards
  • “HydroBoost” — Compound your 8% Reward

Locked Features until Contract Balance Reaches Satisfactory Levels

  • “Overdrive” — 70% Chance to Compound 2x, 30% chance to lose it
  • “Emergency Landing” — 50% chance to Withdraw 2x of Rewards, 50% chance to lose it.

They have a great mechanism built into the smart contract where you are punished for withdrawing too regularly and incentivized for compounding / reinvesting your daily rewards.

Your daily reward rate is up to 8% daily, but will decrease if you withdraw too regularly, hence it is recommended in the whitepaper to follow a 6 day Compound 1 Day Claim Cycle every week, for both the longevity of the protocol and your own reward rate.

Do take note that if the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the contract is dropping this reward percentage can also drop to 2–3%. To date, the TVL of the contract is only increasing and the reward is stable at 8% per day (May decrease based on the users withdrawal habits)

Taxes & Fees

There’s a 5% tax on deposits & sells, 3% of which will be used for development & 2% on marketing.

Google Sheets Calculator

Do refer to this Google Sheets Calculator here if you want to see the theoretical numbers.

Also don’t request for permission to edit, save a copy for yourself by going to File > Make a Copy

Personally I would take profits occasionally & not be compounding for a month straight even if that might be the method with the highest earning potential. After all, potential are merely unrealized gains.

Once again, Thank you for reading so far! :)

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