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Dragon’s Den

After an increasing popularity and hype around the StableONE MATIC ROI project, they have now launched an NFT collection — Dragon’s Den.

Minting your Dragon

Total Dragon NFT supply will be limited to the first 20000 minted.

Dragon Traits

Traits of Dragons can either improve combat ability for the coliseum set to launch in the future (Check roadmap), or gain more XP or improve %ROI on your stakes on the project.


Dragon’s Den Coliseum will allow combat between Dragons, rewarding participants and helping their Dragons to grow faster. Certain Traits such as Poison Fangs, Skin of Steel have bonuses to the combat ability of Dragons as such, additional information regarding traits shall be hidden for now, only for the frequent battlers to deduce and discover as time goes by.

Early Reveal of Levelling System Milestones

  • At Level 0: The Dragon NFT will start out as an egg.
  • At Level 1: Dragon Egg Hatches revealing its name and base traits and bonuses
  • At Level 5: Dragon gains ability to fly giving holders access to private Discord & Telegram channels for additional rewards and quests
  • At Level 10: Dragon gains the ability to fight in the coliseum
  • At Level 15: Dragon Evolves and unlocks hidden trait providing additonal bonuses to your rewards on StableONE
  • At Level 20: Dragon unlocks access to co-operative missions to give holders new multipliers.
  • At Level 25: Dragon can lay a Dragon Egg every 15 days
  • At Level 40: Dragon can lay 1 Egg/day.

Upcoming Roadmap for 2022 & 2023

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